New Studies Focus on Identifying LGBT Community Needs

Via John Mack Freeman (Thanks to Nel Ward for the tip!)

Two new studies have been released from the Center for American Progress that focus on identifying the specific needs of the LGBT community. From their press release:

The needs and characteristics of LGBT populations are less understood in part because government surveys do not effectively capture pertinent data about their lives. Transgender and other gender-minority communities are often hit the hardest by this lack of accurate information. This makes it difficult for policy makers to identify effective solutions to improve the lives of LGBT people. LGBT Progress has co-authored two new papers to help address this significant issue.

The first, groundbreaking report by the Gender Identity in U.S. Surveillance (GenIUSS) Group, of which the Center for American Progress was a part, examines current practices in population-based surveys to see which currently include accurately identify members of these communities. This report provides recommendations that can help researchers and policymakers determine how to deploy sex and gender-related measures on population-based surveys and gather data that can inform the development of policies and programs to effectively address issues of concern for this population.

The second report, written by Kellan Baker and our partners at The Fenway Institute and published in the Proceedings of the Library of Science, addresses the need for including questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in electronic health records.

Check out the research here:


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