Bibliography highlights recent works on same-sex marriage

By Jane Sandberg

Marriage equality has won several victories in the United States during the past seven years.  This same period has seen countless publications on the topic of same-sex marriage.  To guide readers through this abundance of recent literature, the GLBTRT’s Professional Tools page now includes a current, comprehensive annotated bibliography about same-sex marriage.  The bibliography highlights fiction, non-fiction, drama, youth literature, movies, and Internet resources published since 2007. The list complements two earlier bibliographies on the subject, which are also available on the Professional Tools page.

Walt “Cat” Walker, chair of the GLBTRT Resources Committee, compiled the bibliography. The Resources Committee is currently developing several other resources for the professional tools page, covering anti-LGBTQ bullying, bisexuality, gender-neutral bathrooms and forms, legal issues faced by LGBTQ people, LGBTQ Asian Americans, LGBTQ Latin@s, non-binary gender identities, and same-sex parenting.  The committee is always happy to hear your comments or suggestions for future resources, which you can submit using its contact form.


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