Documentary About Gay Athletes Partially Made in Sochi

Despite the best efforts of the Russian government to stamp down LGBT people at the Olympics, they couldn’t get rid of everything. A documentary that revolves around the lives of gay athletes at the games was secretly filmed during the Olympics. The film will premier in October at EPIX. It is fronted by Johnny Weir as interviewer and also includes appearances by Stephen Fry as well as ason Collins, snowboarders Belle Brockhoff and Simona Meiler, speed skaters Anastasia Bucsis and Blake Skjellerup, tennis legend Billie Jean King, diver Greg Louganis, and ice hockey player Charline Labonté, among others.

Although portions of the film were filmed elsewhere, director Noam Gonick did not have permission for the parts filmed in Sochi. We look forward to seeing the finished product.


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