World’s Oldest Erotic Carving, And They Are Gay

An Ancient Grecian erotic carving was found this week by Dr. Andreas Vlachopoulos. While working on the Greek island of Astypalaia, Via The Bilerico Project:

Dr. Vlachopoulos added that the newly-discovered graffiti is especially significant because of its use of the past continuous tense (i.e. “was mounting”). “It clearly says,” explained Vlachopoulos, “that these two men were making love over a long period of time, emphasizing the sexual act in a way that is highly unusual in erotic artwork.”

And from The Guardian:

“They were what I would call triumphant inscriptions,” said the Princeton-trained professor who found them while introducing students to the ancient island world of the Aegean. “They claimed their own space in large letters that not only expressed sexual desire but talked about the act of sex itself,” he told the Guardian. “And that is very, very rare.”

Chiseled into the outcrops of dolomite limestone that dot the cape, the inscriptions have provided invaluable insight into the private lives of those who inhabited archaic and classical Greece. One, believed to have been carved in the mid-sixth century BC, proclaimed: “Nikasitimos was here mounting Timiona.”


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