GLBTRT Executive Board

2016-17 GLBTRT Executive Board

Chair: Deb Sica, 2016-17
Chair-elect: Jennifer Maguire-Wright, 2016-17
Past Chair: Peter D. Coyl, 2016-17
Secretary: Paul Kelly, 2016-18
Treasurer: Elizabeth DeCoster, 2015-17
GLBTRT Councilor: Ann K. Symons, 2016-19
Director-at-Large: Ingrid Henny Abrams, 2015-17
Director-at-Large: David C. Isaak, 2015-17
Director-at-Large: Sherry L. Machones, 2016-18
Director-at-Large: Ana Elisa de Campos Salles, 2016-18
Director-at-Large: Matthew P. Ciszek, 2016-18
ALA Staff Liaison: Jody Gray


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    Laura Knittel

    Hello, I currently handle outreach, marketing and advocacy for the Hoboken Public Library and I am interested in joining your committee. Can one of your officers give me call to discuss.

    Thank you
    Laura Knittel

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