Book review: Third You Die, by Scott Sherman

third you dieSherman, Scott. Third You Die. Kensington Books, 2012. 352p. Paperback. ISBN: 9780758266521

The third book of a series, Third You Die tells the story of Kevin Connor who once again stumbles into an investigation that turns out to be much more than he bargained for. No longer an escort, Kevin is, though, still with his lover Tony. Now he is working for his mother, star of Sophie’s Voice, a television reality show trying to fill the vacuum left by Oprah’s retirement. Kevin and Tony are facing their own relationship issues, with Tony coming to terms with his sexuality while working as a New York City police officer and coming out to his co-workers, young son, and others.

Besides the issues at home, Kevin becomes entangled in the sex underworld again, after helping his mother book sex workers for a segment on her show. Brent, one of the guests Kevin helped to book, works in the porn video industry and offers Kevin a chance to audition for a video. Kevin does not really want to audition but takes Brent’s card anyway. They end up becoming friends, and Brent’s subsequent disappearance and Kevin’s investigation end up putting both their lives in danger. In addition, Kevin is also drawn into his mother’s investigation of an adoption agency, an undercover story that she hopes is the key to her stardom.

Porn start Brent’s own story also parallels the main narrative. He wants to get out of the porn business but runs into other actors who have a side business gone awry and is not able to let the secret out before they kidnap him. Add another side story about Brent’s lover and a co-star who is infatuated with Brent, and the tale becomes even more intriguing.

Enticing and well written, Third You Die offers an interesting and accurate background of the pornography industry embedded in a tale of love, mystery, and being true to oneself. Fans of mystery will enjoy this book along with those who want a well-researched and entertaining foray into the behind-the-scenes of the porn industry.

Reviewer: s.n.


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