The Truth of Yesterday

Aterovis, Josh. The Truth of Yesterday. Killian Kendall Mystery Ser. #4. Clayton, N.C.: P.D. Publishing, 2011. Paperback. 365pp. ISBN: 978-1-933720-81-4.

This fourth book in the Killian Kendall mystery series continues the adventures of gay, teen, sleuth Killian Kendall as he juggles college courses, his personal and romantic lives, and his work as a private investigator trainee. Encountering his first and second real cases basically on his own, with guidance from his trainer, Killian enters the world of male escorts, hidden lives, and political peccadilloes.

Killian’s home life is also fraught with change and adventure: his gay, adoptive father and partner are working to make a bed and breakfast survive (despite a ghost who haunts the visitors); he’s becoming active in his college’s gay-straight alliance; and he’s dealing with the ghost of his best friend, the son of his now adoptive father.

Killian is not only a private investigator in training, but also a medium who communicates with ghosts, whether he wants to or not. He solves mysteries of the past and present, and progresses much further along in his own self-discovery and relationship with his boyfriend, Micah.

Filled with angst, mystery, romance, and supernatural elements, The Truth of Yesterday will entice and entertain fans of several different genres. Suitable for those who are gay, straight, or questioning, this book will help all readers understand the nuances and issues of the GLBT world of both school and work, while also providing a riveting murder mystery that entangles with other events: love gone astray and the world of male escorts. The discovery of hidden lives of loved ones will hit home with anyone in a partnership. Additionally, fans of police or investigator stories will also enjoy this novel.

A definite must-read and must-have for any mystery or speculative fiction collection.


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