Book review: Silverwolf, by Roger Edmonson

The GLBTRT has been reviewing books and movies in its newsletter since the early 1990s. Trace the evolution of queer publishing through these historic reviews. This review was originally published in Vol. 3, No 3 & 4 Spring/Summer 1991.

Cover of SilverwolfEdmonson, Roger. Silverwolf. Banned Books, 1990. Paper. $8.95. (ISBN 0-934411-32-8)

The improbability of a silver-haired werewolf rampaging modem day Seattle is a handicap from which this novel does not recover. The characters are all gay stereotypes and engage in cute gay conversation. The sexual explicitness stays just this side of being soft core pornography. Perhaps if this were pornographic, it could claim some redeeming social value. Not recommended.

Reviewed by David Streeter
Pomona Public Library
Pomona, California


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