Book review: Priorities, by Lynda Lyons

The GLBTRT has been reviewing books and movies in its newsletter since the early 1990s. Trace the evolution of queer publishing through these historic reviews. This review was originally published in Vol. 3, No 3, Fall 1991.

Cover of PrioritiesLyons, Lynda. Priorities. Naiad, 1990. $8.95. (ISBN 0-941483-66-5)

In the first book of the Controllers Series, we are introduced to a world of humans, androids and aliens.The world is governed by one President and a Committee who must contend with an evil scientist, the Doctor, and a crime syndicate, the Group. The Doctor is responsible for creating violent androids who maim and kill humans. After lengthy introductions to the two main characters charged with capturing the Doctor – Amelia, the Director of the International Control and Registry Center, and Valentine, Amelia’s stunningly beautiful top field agent, the plot actually gets underway.

The Doctor kidnaps the President’s son for the Group. During a somewhat confusing search for the missing boy, Valentine and Michelle, a private eye helping in the search, have sex on a deserted boat near where their plane is forced to land for mechanical reasons. Not exactly appropriate timing for someone tracking a kidnapper, but Valentine soon discovers this to be the Doctor’s boat and the kidnappers and the Doctor are discovered and captured. Surprise.

Predictable, dull, over-populated with minor characters who could have been interesting, and much too little plot. The story ends with the Doctor’s escape – this is a series, remember. In an epilogue, the author poses a few questions. Did Amelia somehow help in the Doctor’s escape? If so, is Amelia a creation of the woman she is charged with capturing? Three guesses.

Recommended only for those who find politically correct science fiction better than good science fiction.

Reviewed by T.R. Salvadori
Glassboro Public Library
Glassboro, New Jersey


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