Book review: Need, by Todd Gregory

Gregory, Todd. Need. Kensington Books, 2012.  $15.00. 288p. PB. 9780758267153.

Vampires, witches, love, lust, coming out of and staying in the closet, renegades, law-enforcers, and more are all part of this paranormal erotic novel set in contemporary New Orleans.

In Todd Gregory’s Need, gay college student Cord enjoys his newly gained freedom, rooming with hot Jared, platonic and accepting straight friend, in a fraternity house at his college. All is going amazingly well for Cord, until the fateful night when his world is turned upside down with the entrance of Nico, a vampire desiring world domination. Even worse, Cord is killed by witch Sebastian–or has Cord already been dead?–and becomes a vampire. Nevertheless, Cord is rescued by fellow-vampire Jean-Paul and taken into Jean-Paul’s gay harem where he is taught about sex and betrayal but not, unfortunately, about being a vampire. Cord runs away back to New Orleans, and Nico finds Cord through Cord’s old roommate Jared. Soon, Cord meets another vampire and works to thwart Nico’s world domination plot and further find himself. When the novel ends, the reader is left anxiously awaiting a sequel.

Vivid descriptions of characters, scenery, and sexual acts abound in this novel, keeping the reader entranced and wanting more. These vivid sexual scenes, however, will detract from the value of Need for the less adventurous vampire and paranormal fans. Those willing to accept male/male sex and domination scenes will enjoy both the paranormal and the erotic aspects of the book.

Reviewer: s.n.


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