Ministry among God’s Queer Folk : LGBT Pastoral Care

Kundtz, David J. and Bernard S. Schlager. Ministry among God’s Queer Folk : LGBT Pastoral Care. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2007. ISBN: 9780829817065. trade paperback. $25.00.

The fourth book in the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry series, Ministry among God’s Queer Folk is a practical handbook for pastoral caregivers reaching out to LGBTQ persons within, as well as outside, their congregations and communities. The authors draw a distinction between pastoral care and pastoral counseling, arguing that the latter is the province of those specifically trained in therapy, while the former is open to all sufficiently trained ministers and lay people.

This book assumes no experience with the LGBTQ community on the part of the reader and covers a broad range of issues important to those beginning pastoral work with this community. A definition of pastoral care and a discussion of its function, coming out, creating communities of care and caring for relationships are all included with specific focus on how pastoral work with the LGBTQ community is unique. The authors include many descriptions of specific examples of pastoral work with LGBTQ persons to illustrate their points. Particularly useful are full and half page callouts of bullet points on important subjects.

The authors give this sensitive subject respectful and through treatment. Recommended for semi-nary and theological school libraries.

Reviewed by Sarah Corvene
Baker Library, Harvard Business School


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