I Kiss Girls

Harris, Gina. I Kiss Girls. Prizm Books / Torchere Press, 2007/2008. paperback. $13.95. ISBN: 1603703543.

Joanie feels doomed to be the third wheel. Her best friend, Zane, always seems to get the girl, and as far as she can tell, she’s the only lesbian at her school. Of course, Joanie is only out to Zane, so even if there were other lesbians, they might not recognize her either.

Everything changes when new girl Kate comes to school, and needs tutoring in math by Joanie and in chemistry by Zane. Both Joanie and Zane end up with crushes on Kate, driving a wedge in their relationship, and when Kate shows interest in Joanie, Zane doesn’t take it very well.

But having a girlfriend doesn’t solve all of Joanie’s problems. She’s in the closet at home and at school, and Kate isn’t and doesn’t want to be. When Joanie’s parents arrange a prom date for her with a football player, Kate almost breaks things off.

As can be expected, things turn out fine after a few bumps and bruises (some of them literal). A quick and entertaining read, especially for the reluctant reader.

Reviewed by Nancy Silverrod
San Francisco Public Library


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