Book review: Finale: Stories of Mystery and Suspense, edited by Michael Nava

The GLBTRT has been reviewing books and movies in its newsletter since the early 1990s. Trace the evolution of queer publishing through these historic reviews. This review was originally published in Vol. 3, No. 1 & 2, Fall 1990/Winter 1991.

Cover of FinaleFinale: Stories of Mystery and Suspense. Michael Nava, editor. Alyson Publications, 1989. Paper. $8.95. (ISBN 1-55583-161-3).

Eight finely crafted stories comprise this collection. These are not stories about the homosexual experience; rather, these stories were selected to be about experiences in which the central character happens to be gay. As Nava explains, “They look outward rather than inward and do not make a fetish of what should be simply one of the many features of our nature.”

Robert Hall’s “Death Writes a Story” is about a budding writer and has a surprising twist at the end; Katherine V. Forrest’s “Jessie” is a sheriff who uncovers the murderer while the murderer is reliving the crime; Phil Andros’ “Death and the Tattoo” explores the criminal mind as it weaves through the tattoo world of Chicago; Ivy Burrows’ “Terminal Anniversary” delves into the world of multiple personalities; Gerald Lebonati’s “Reunion” deals with the reunion of lovers after death; Alan Irwin’s “Skip” involves an assumed persona; Michael Nava’s “Street People” explores the frightening world of the homeless; and Vincent Larado’s” All About Steve” is a grand circle of duplicity.

Recommended for all libraries.

Reviewed by David Streeter
Pomona Public Library


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