Book review: Everything changes, by Samantha Hale

Hale Everything changes Hale, Samantha. Everything Changes. Bold Strokes. 2014. $11.95. 177p. PB. 9781626393035.

Everything changes when 17-year-old Raven encounters Morgan at a dinner party for singles on Valentine’s Day. When Morgan announces she recently broke up with her girlfriend, Raven can’t help but blurt out, “Wait, you’re gay?” Raven had never shown much interest in boys, and Raven unexpectedly finds herself attracted to Morgan. Morgan’s offer to help Raven study for her art history final throws the two of them together in Raven”s journey from the realization that she is gay to coming out to her friends and family.

Hale does not cover any new ground within Everything Changes, but the story is simple and well-told. It does offer some perspective on a relationship in which one partner is out and the other is not. At times, Morgan’s actions and words pressure Raven into telling others about their relationship. The plot covers only a few weeks, but Raven’s character shows a great deal of development.

Although not a must have, Everything Changes is an engaging read for ages 13 and up in school and public libraries.

Shelley Mastalerz , Teen Services Librarian

Burien Library


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