Darkness Embraced (Rosso Lussuria Vampire #1)

Cover of Darkness Embraced

Winter Pennington. Darkness Embraced (Rosso Lussuria Vampire #1). Bold Strokes, 2011. Paperback. 241p. $16.95. 978-1-60282-221-4.

Reborn a vampire and sired by the Queen of the Rosso Lussaria, Epiphany was the Queen’s beloved pet and sexual partner, at least for the first part of her rebirth.  When she is cast from the Queen’s protection, losing her protection from the more experienced vampires called Elders, Epiphany must remain as inconspicuous as possible to avoid becoming a target.

Approaching her 200th year, Epiphany is called to face the challenges to elevate her clan status to that of an Elder, bringing her to the same political standing as the very vampires she dreaded and feared.  The challenges become more dangerous than anyone could imagine as Epiphany becomes a pawn and a motivation for those seeking to overthrow the Queen.

A political espionage-esque tone overlays the romance in the tale, and the harsh vampire politics are always just underneath the surface of the love, strife, lust, and hate faced by cross-level romances among jealous former lovers and want-to-be lovers.  The numerous graphic sex scenes, realistically portrayed, belie the fantasy nature of this romance novel, complete with magical swords, vampires, and Dracules.

The backstabbing, fighting for power, greed, and hierarchy are all metaphorically adept at portraying any governmental or political organization, symbolically bringing to light the very underpinnings of treason and politics occurring today.

The novel can be classified as lesbian erotica with sizzling scenes that demonstrate how vampires and Dracules both enjoy the physical sensualities of the human body. Yet the plotting and planning leads it to be also considered a romance/mystery.

Pennington draws the readers in from the beginning, causing them to empathize with Epiphany and wondering why she was cast out and then brought back. The beginning creates such questions as why the Queen who sent her away becomes Epiphany’s strongest supporter and whether Vasco is a true friend or only following orders.  Friendships, alliances, mythical beings, and love underscore the plot from start to finish.

Whether readers are seeking a book on vampires or romance, this novel meets both needs. It is recommended for libraries that collect in these areas.

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