Book review: Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships, by Juno Roche

Roche, Juno. Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 2018. $18.95. 168p. PB. ISBN 978-1-78592-406-4

“This book is me reaching out and trusting the world, or at least the people I think might read this book, with my vulnerability and fragility.” 166

Juno Roche takes readers on a journey through self-discovery, sexual exploration, and the search for love. Through interviews with Fox Fisher, Owl, Margo, Megan, Jaye, Michelle, Kuchenga, Kate O’Donnell, Taylor, Michael, MJ, and H, Juno Roche weaves a story of self-discovery and creation. The interviews with prominent trans and nonbinary folxs offers readers the opportunity to question the binary, and explore what beauty might occur if we let go of certain ideals and embrace the unknown. As a HIV positive trans woman over 50, Juno begins this book with hesitation about love and sex, stating that her “self-imposed constriction has bored [her] sexless” (25). Through honesty and vulnerability, Juno and the interviewees energize readers to seek their own concepts of intimacy and sexuality through questioning gender binaries, ideas about sexual orientation post-transition, and dating “rules” in the LGBT+ community.

This book is less of a traditional guide book and more of a personal narrative and exploration of the binary rules society imposes and the ways we can move past them. While the title of the book is a bit misleading, Juno Roche’s ability to weave together personal journey and interview exploration makes this book a fast and intriguing read. Roche takes a compelling look at gender reassignment surgeries, sex in non-cis relationships, and finding love. This book is recommended to anyone who wishes to hear from trans and nonbinary folxs about how they navigate intimacy, pleasure, and relationships.

The reviewer, Miranda Dube, wishes to note that they are a cisgender woman.


Miranda Dube


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