Book review: Prescription for Love, by Radclyffe

Radclyffe Prescription for LoveRadclyffe. Prescription for Love: a Rivers Community Novel. Bold Strokes, 2015. paperback. 222p. $16.95. ISBN: 978-1626395701.

Doctor Abigail Remy believes a new environment will let her transgender son, Blake, live his new identity unhampered by old expectations so she accepts an offer from a sorority sister to take over the emergency room at a rural hospital. The Rivers Community Hospital is staffed by a family of doctors, one of whom is marrying her sorority sister and another, Flannery Rivers, who has been running the emergency room as well as the surgery. Naturally they start off competing despite their mutual attraction.

The viewpoint passes back and forth between Abby and Flann, with occasional excursions to Blake and his new friend Margie, who just happens to be the Rivers sisters’ little sister. The main tension is that neither Abby nor Flann think they want to get involved in a serious relationship, but there are medical crises including a tornado to add drama. Once they give in to their desire, the scenes are sensual and romantic.

This pastoral romance is set in summertime in an upstate New York countryside, where there is only the slightest hint of prejudice, at a hospital that seems to be staffed primarily by lesbians who will, no doubt, continue the “Rivers Community” series. The novel will please readers who want a pleasant story about women in love.

Carolyn Caywood
retired from Virginia Beach Public Library


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