Book review: Based on a True Story, a novel, by Jameson Currier

Currier Based on a True StoryCurrier, Jameson. Based on a True Story, a novel. First edition. New York: Chelsea Station Editions, 2015. 153 p. Paperback. $16.00. ISBN 978-1-937627-04-1

This author has written many novels and short story collections.   In this low-key novel, two old friends reunite during Thanksgiving at the North Carolina mountain retreat of Tom, the main character and narrator.  Both men now have new partners, and spend the holiday remembering their past. Nothing happens except storytelling about that past. Both old friends are deeply attached to their new loves and hope that they last.

The characters are expertly drawn and realistic, as are the handsome cabin and the surrounding land. Because Currier is such a well-known and respected gay novelist, libraries that collect current gay literature will want to include this novel in their collections.

James Doig Anderson
Professor Emeritus of Library and Information Science, Rutgers University


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