News From The States: Prom Pants, Marriage Taxes, and Clarifications

As spring starts to be in bloom in much of the country (and we finally start to dry out down in Georgia), let’s take a quick look at some of the headline LGBT stories from around the country this week:

Alaska: An Alaska Supreme Court ruling found that same sex couples are entitled to equal access to tax benefits under the law. Previously, the same court had found that discrimination against same sex couples was unconstitutional. The state does not currently recognize same sex marriage, and it is one of only three states to not have a case pending in court to overturn that state’s marriage ban.

New Hampshire: A bit of same sex marriage housekeeping took place in New Hampshire this week. The legislature sent a bill to the governor clarifying that the state does recognize same sex unions that were performed in other states before New Hampshire made same sex marriage legal.

North Carolina: Prom is a big deal, but some teachers are taking it way too seriously. Shafer Rupard was kicked out of prom in North Carolina for wearing what one teacher chaperone considered an inappropriate outfit. The female senior was wearing a leather jacket and red pants. The school district has since apologized for their conduct.


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