Moscow’s Largest Gay Club Closes Due to Violence

The Central Station was the largest gay club in Moscow, but its run came to a close this week. The owners shuttered the establishment, citing the increase in violence that the club has experienced over the last year. Much of this violence is likely influenced by the homophobic gay propaganda law that Russia enacted in 2013. But the violence hadn’t stopped the party before. In fact, partiers continue to show up even though both gunfire and poisonous gas have been used on the club recently as part of the 20+ attacks it experienced last year.

The club owner said in a statement:

“Tired of fighting with the “windmills”. It has been three years of unforgettable work in the biggest gay club in the country, a lot has been passed through: the attack of the local prosecutor’s office, and burning my car down , and the fight against the raiders… It was one of the most interesting experiences of my working life.”


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    Bill Beecham

    Its a shame that people half to hide who they are. Grow up Moscow. For Moscow to be a large international city this kind of activity toward the gay community makes Moscow look immature. To all gay people in Moscow hold your head high and be proud of who you are. Dont let a silly law dictate your happiness. Be strong and proud of your sexuality Moscow. Haters suck.

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