Several Christian Denominations Move Towards LGBT Acceptance

The Presbyterian Church in the eighth-largest denomination in the United States with 2.8 million members. The church’s highest council passed a resolution last week that clarified their support for same sex marriage. While this effectively means that the church will now bless and support same sex unions, a full amendment to the Book of Order will require ratification by the presbyters.

A smaller denomination, the Moravian Church, voted 181-62 in their Synod to approve gay clergy members and to approve a blessing for same sex unions. The church was one of the earliest to accept LGBT members in 1974.

Lastly, there has been some progress in the United Methodist Church. Pastor Frank Schaefer who was defrocked for officiating and blessing his son’s same sex union has been reinstated with back pay. An appeals court inside the church found his conviction to be faulty due to the fact that he could only be punished for what he had done, not what he might potentially do (Schaefer had refused to promise that he would not bless any additional same sex unions).

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