Odds and Ends: LGBT Advertising, Cops, and More

Penzeys Spices has a new website section that is celebrating Wisconsin’s same sex marriage victory. The site called “Love Grows Here” features four same sex couples that can now get married based on the ruling, sharing their stories and some of their family recipes. Penzeys has been supporting LGBT equality since 2005.

Turns out that when you are a police officer, you don’t get a choice of who to protect and serve. A Salt Lake City police officer who refused (or requested not to, reports vary) to work crowd control at that city’s Pride parade last week has left the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Former BP CEO John Browne is releasing a book entitled The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out Is Good For Business. He sat down with NPR this week to discuss his life and his thoughts from the book.

A unanimous ruling from the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has struck down the state’s sodomy ban. Before the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas (2003), Alabama was one of 12 states classifying consensual gay sex as a felony. Despite the highest court’s ruling that these laws are unconstitutional, Alabama has refused to change its law. Prosecutors have tried to get a first-degree sodomy conviction after he was convicted of sexual misconduct, a misdemeanor, in 2010.



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