Green Thumb

Posted by Kelly on October 15, 2013

Cover of Green Thumb

Tom Cardamone. Green Thumb. BrazenHead/Lethe Press, 2012. PB. 142p. $13. 978-1-59021-367-4. 

The author of Pumpkin Teeth: Stories and The Werewolves of Central Park introduces Leaf, a young boy who was changed from human to a cross between human and plant as his family and life were dying out. Alone on an island with his dying Nanny, Leaf survives through his ability to live like a plant on sunlight and rainwater.

In a universe left destitute, many are mutants amidst pirates, suffering from lack of food and order in a world rewarding the fittest and strongest. Leaf attempts to save a friend’s father from the pirates but fails.

Hard to follow and weak in plot, the graphic sex scenes are not only couples but also group as Leafe encounters love, lust, rape, and forced sex.

Fans of alternate universes will be disappointed as will those seeking a book of young love.

Reviewer: s.n.

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