Boy Scouts Keep Up Gay Discrimination

The Boy Scouts of America just can’t stop discriminating against gay scouts. Last week, 19 year old Garrett Bryant was involved in a dust-up with the BSA. Comments made on one of Bryant’s social media accounts led to the implications that he was gay. Bryant remained closeted during his entire time with the Boy Scouts and even served as a camp counselor at a BSA camp in Arizona last summer. However, when the BSA learned of Bryant’s sexual orientation, they informed him that they would not be hiring him again for this summer due to his homosexuality.

In other news, August and Liam Easton-Calabrias are twins who are about to turn 18 and age out of the regular ranks of the Boy Scouts. Both are Eagle Scouts with the same number of merit badges and same length of participation. However, Liam is gay, so when he turns 18, he will no longer be able to work with the organization. However, Liam remains positive about the organization and he seeks to change their policy on adult volunteers.

The BSA is completely within their rights to decide who they want to be their scout leaders. But as society keeps changing around them and progressing towards more inclusion of all people, one has to wonder: just how much bad PR can one organization take?


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