What Does a Librarian Look Like?

 When photographer Kyle Cassidy decided to find out whether his stereotype of a librarian was right, he discovered a diversity of people—starting with GLBTRT Executive Board member Ingrid Abrams who was the lead photo in a Slate article about Cassidy’s experiences at the 2014 ALA Midwinter meeting. The librarian from Brooklyn Public Library said, “We’re a variety of ages. We’re every race, ethnicity and religious background imaginable. We can be the type who wears a suit and tie every day or someone like me, who has pink hair and dresses in bright colors…. I assure you we’re a really dedicated and friendly bunch.” Now Slate readers know that all of us librarians have long realized.

Cassidy plans to go to Las Vegas for the ALA Annual Conference this coming summer. He said, “I found myself meeting and spending time with people who I found heroic in an uncelebrated way—people who were cheerful and joyful and serious and devoted. These are people who often spend their own time and money helping people. They work extra hours during which they’re not being paid because they’re passionate about the results and the communities they’re serving.” Maybe Ingrid can get you into Slate!


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